The word on...Gates and Barriers


Gates and barriers are a great way to limit were your little bundle of joy can get to and are especially important at the top and bottom of stairs.

Barriers are generally used where you either don’t need to walk through or use infrequently, whereas gates allow you to walk through without stepping over or doing the high jump.  

What Size?

Measure the opening first in cm (you’d be amazed how many people use the arm measure “oh, about this wide” unfortunately to get it right we need the right dimensions!).

Gates come in a range of sizes but the standard size is usually 71cm to 82cm wide; if your opening is wider than this then an extension will need to be used and these range from 8cm to 148cm. 


Gates are usually available in white, silver and sometimes black. There is also a small selection of wooden gates and barriers available.

Attaching your Gate

Most gates work on resistance against a wall or a post. This means that you do not need to screw them to the wall (however at times this is preferred). You need to make sure that you regularly tighten the fasteners (increase tension at the sides of the gate) as swinging gates over time can loosen the tensioning screw or the fasteners. Your child’s safety is the priority so check them often. 

Other things to Consider:

  1. Do you have pets? Usually taller gates (100cm) will be more appropriate. 
  2. Gates can come in white, black, or silver. Some timber gates are also available. 
  3. If you are attaching to sides that have round ends you may need to use “Y” spindles - some gates have these available.
  4. Some gates have a auto close function, check to make sure what you need. 
  5. Do you need older children to get through the gate? Some locks are easier to use to allow the older sibling to use the gate. 
  6. Do you need wheel chair access? Some models have no bottom rail (these gates must be screwed or attached to the wall)
  7. Do you want the  gates to swing both ways when opening?


Dreambaby Std Gate Matrix:  
Opening Gate / Extension required
71cm-82cm Gate
80cm-91cm Gate + 9cm ext
89cm-100cm Gate + 18cm ext
98cm-109cm Gate + 27cm ext
107cm-118cm Gate + 36cm ext
116cm-127cm Gate + 45cm ext
125cm-136cm Gate + 54cm ext
134cm-145cm Gate + 63cm ext
143cm-154cm Gate + 9cm + 63cm ext
143cm-154cm Gate + 18cm + 54cm ext
152cm-163cm Gate + 18cm + 63cm ext
152cm-163cm Gate + 27cm + 54cm ext
161cm-172cm Gate + 36cm + 54cm ext
170cm-181cm Gate + 45cm + 54cm ext
170cm-181cm Gate + 36cm + 63cm ext
171cm-182cm Gate + 100cm ext
179cm-190cm Gate + 45cm + 63cm ext
179cm-190cm Gate + 54cm + 54cm ext
180cm-191cm Gate + 9cm + 100cm ext
188cm-199cm Gate + 54cm + 63cm ext
189cm-201cm Gate + 18cm + 100cm ext
197cm-208cm Gate + 63cm + 63cm ext
198cm-228cm Gate + 27cm + 100cm ext
207cm-218cm Gate + 36cm + 100cm ext
216cm-227cm Gate + 45cm + 100cm ext
234cm-245cm Gate + 63cm + 100cm ext
271cm-282cm Gate + 100cm + 100cm ext